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March 18 2013

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March 31 2012

Stockholm, Slussen – vy mot Gamla Stan och Riddarfjärden – Live 
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August 26 2011

Kalmar Castle-Kalmar-Sweden

August 09 2011

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Gothenburg-Sweden View of a part of Gothenburg, from the panoramic tower of Liseberg park
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A moving staircase in Liseberg Amusement Park /Gothenburg.
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A Streetcar Named Desire

You can actually rent this streetcar and let it take you wherever you desire! This vintage tram, # 208, was delivered April 10, 1928, and was in service on line # 9 between Järntorget (Iron Market) and Saltholmen (Salt Island) until September 2, 1967. That was the day before H-day, i.e. the day we went over to right hand traffic (right = höger). As you can see, it has doors on the wrong side. This tram has room for 48 seating passengers on wooden benches. After renovation it has been available for party tours since June 9, 1992. 
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Gothenburg View


Winter In Gothenburg

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August 01 2011

Stockholm, Sweden part 1

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Stockholm, Sweden part 2

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Beardfish - Från En Plats Du Ej Kan Se

Swedish Progressive Rock -2006
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Beardfish - Destined Solitaire - Convention Prog-Resiste 2010

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Beardfish - Until You Comply [Live]

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July 31 2011

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Stockholm Town Hall

On King's Island in Stockholm, on the shores of the Riddarfjärd, is the Town Hall (Stadshuset), a red brick building with green copper roofs which is the great landmark and emblem of Stockholm (by Ragnar Östberg, 1911-23). At the southeast corner of the building is a square tower crowned by an open lantern, on the tip of which (106m/350ft) are the three golden crowns of the Swedish coat of arms. From the platform below the bell cote (lift) there are fine views.
Stockholm-Gamla Stan in drizzling rain
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